Idea Box Integrated Arts

Collaborate. Create. Connect.

Idea Box programs use a combination of visual and performing arts to help students in grades 6 and up embody and internalize key concepts in math, science, engineering, language arts, social studies, and social emotional learning.

What Grade Levels do you serve?

Idea Box programs work best for students in Grades 5 and up, but with adequate school support (see the Prescott school case study under Work Samples) programming can begin in K and 1st grade.

How long are your programs?

Idea Box offers programs as short as a one-time drop in, and as long as a full year residency, but our goals are best met in programs that meet the following minimums

  • 10+ instructional hours

  • 3+ event preparation/setup hours

  • 2-3 event/performance hours (longer residencies may have multiple events).

What kind of support does your program require?

Idea Box programs require a few important supports to meet the program goals:

  • Active cooperation from classroom teachers, school art educators, and administration in planning for curriculum integration (avg. 2-3 meeting hours per quarter)

  • A classroom space with enough room for students to comfortably move without touching one another or objects in the room (average 2’ square per student for younger students, 3’ square per student for middle school and older).

  • On-site storage for visual arts projects.

  • A designated space (can be a classroom or traditional stage space) for the culminating performance/event.

  • As we develop your program together, other support requirements may arise depending on the nature of your vision.