Idea Box Integrated Arts

Collaborate. Create. Connect.

Idea Box programs use a combination of visual and performing arts to help students in grades 6 and up embody and internalize key concepts in math, science, engineering, language arts, social studies, and social emotional learning.

Idea Box owner and director, Emily Leonard

Idea Box owner and director, Emily Leonard

A Passion for Connection

A life-long arts educator, Emily Leonard began teaching while still a student herself.  Since the very beginning of her career Emily's focus has been:

  • the development of community through art-making

  • the use of student-driven collaborative development processes

  • the integration of visual and performance elements in art-making

Idea Box ProgramS

  • incorporate both visual and performing arts.

  • integrate academic content selected in partnership with the classroom teacher.

  • culminate in a performance or event

  • align with state and national standards for arts and integrated academic content

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